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Founded in 2005, the LSE SU Hedge Fund Society is the largest student-led society focused on the hedge fund and alternative investment industries.

As one of LSE’s most active finance societies, the Hedge Fund Society boasts the title of the largest student-led society for alternative investments in the UK. Over the past few years, our flagship event division has offered members access to the biggest names and most talented professional minds the alternative investments industry has to offer. Balancing frequency and consistency with a previously unreachable level of access, the Hedge Fund Society has thus far hosted talks, networking events, and panel discussions with heavyweight firms such as Brevan Howard, Apollo, Marshall Wace, Point72, and TPG, amongst many others. Our celebrated Founders series has also seen the likes of industry giants Crispin Odey (Odey Asset Management), Stuart Roden (Lansdowne), and Bill Ackman (Pershing Square Capital).


Our newly founded Research & Trading division attracts LSE’s best and brightest, putting them through a rigorous and advanced training programme that creates industry-leading traders who can converse on par with our high-profile speakers. R&T produces high quality research papers on a level unseen by any other finance society, reflecting our gifted talent pool and contrarian approach.

Our Purpose

Our most important functions as a society are inviting speakers on campus to introduce members to the alternatives industry and give members an opportunity to learn the art of trading as analysts.

 Our events come in four event formats; fireside chats, discussion panels, networking opportunities and company presentations. The fireside chat is an interview of a senior member of the firm, educating our members about recent market developments, their investment philosophy, and firm specific details. Our discussion panels are geared at inviting junior and senior level investment professionals to describe their journey into the industry and advise for members seeking to follow their path. Networking events give our members the opportunity to directly interact with firm employees to learn more about the specific firm, their potential fit, and any available opportunities.

Like the diversity of our events, we also seek to invite firms with a variety of investment strategies covering different asset classes to expose our members to the broad spectrum of investment capabilities. For instance, we have invited firms with fundamental strategies such as IK Investment Partners and Lansdowne Partners and also firms like Fulcrum and CQS with macro and arbitrage strategies.

Our newly founded Research & Trading division, which focuses on Equitites, Credit, FX, and Rates strategies, provides opportunities for individuals to learn technical skills and conducting research. After completing training conducted by our experienced strategy heads, the analysts generate their own trade ideas and research that is published here, as well as other platforms. The analysts with the best ideas and research are given the opportunity to present their ideas to professionals from our participant firms. 

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