Research & Trading Division 

The Hedge Fund Society's newly founded Research & Trading Division is a platform for select students to share their trade ideas through written articles. With the guidance of our Heads of Strategies, namely Credit & Equities, and FX & Rates, students learn how to express their views on the future of the price of something as specific as a stock or corporate bond, all the way to the state of an entire asset class. Beyond the conventional asset classes, students have free-reign to generate ideas for any tradable asset that they find interesting.


To empower students with the ability to generate ideas, we teach them how to translate macro and industry related trends into views on asset price fluctuations, as well as utilize fundamental analysis to gauge on the direction of the intrinsic value of assets. Furthermore, by encouraging the use of professional tools such as Bloomberg Terminals, we provide access to information that allows students to generate informative and balanced articles. 

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